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            Current monitoring for the PCO-6131 and PCO-6141

            To measure the output current of a PCO-6131 (125 A) or PCO-6141 (60 A) driver, a digital multimeter can be used to measure the DC voltage on pin 6 of the control connector. This voltage is proportional to the loop current flowing internally in the driver. The pin 6 scale factor for the PCO-6131 is 10 mV/A, and for the PCO-6141 it's 20 mV/A. Both scale factors assume the measuring device has a high input impedance.

            It is important to note that the pin 6 voltage is proportional to the current flowing in the internal loop and remains constant whether or not pulses are being sent to the load. The purpose of pin 6 is to help you set the output current before actually turning on the output. Since it does not contain pulse information, you’ll need an external current monitor board and an oscilloscope to see the pulse.

            The current monitor board for the PCO-6131 is part number PCA-9155, and for the PCO-6141 it's PCA-9150. Both boards include cables with BNC connectors for attaching to a scope.

            The scale factor for the PCA-9155 is 1 mV per A into 50 ohms, and for the PCA-9150 it's 5 mV per A into 50 ohms.
            Updated: 01 Feb 2019 04:14 AM
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